Pre-Registered Vehicles Explained

When leasing a pre-registered vehicle, you can be assured that you are getting a new vehicle which has a pre-assigned number plate.

You may have come across the term ‘pre-registered’ when looking at your next lease vehicle. This is the term often used to refer to a car or a van that has been registered prior to lease or sale. This is often done to achieve preferential levels of discounts directly from the manufacturer with the assurance that you are getting a new car that has only been registered with the DVLA and has a number plate assigned.

Benefits of being Pre-Registered

There are definite benefits in leasing a pre-registered vehicle, one of the main ones being the speed of ownership. Pre-registered vehicles are in stock and are waiting to be delivered, there is no factory downtime waiting for the vehicle to be created on the next run and they can often be delivered the same week dependent on paperwork. Although Pre-Registered vehicles will come with an assigned number plate they will be new and ready and waiting for delivery.

The financial savings that can be made with pre-registered vehicles can be substantial when compared with the new vehicle headline price. The level of discount tends to differ by manufacturer and vehicle type but, generally, there are generous savings to be made. Another plus point with pre-registered vehicles is that they are VAT qualifying, which means they are very competitive price-wise for Contract Hire and Leasing solutions.

What you must remember

Pre-registered vehicles are already built and will only be available in an existing colour with existing specification and the existing extras, so customisation isn’t possible in comparison to a car built from new. There may, however, be vehicles available with added extras that suit your requirements, such as sun protection glass or reversing camera.

A vehicle’s warranty starts from when it is registered meaning that when you get the vehicle the warranty period will have already started.  You are, of course, entitled to the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance cover from the date of registration. If the warranty expires within the Contract Hire period, you will be liable for any repairs or breakdown costs out with the warranty period unless a maintenance package is purchased as part of the contract. In this case, repair costs could still be covered subject to the maintenance terms and conditions.

Pre-registered vehicles offer excellent value on leasing contracts, especially if you’re looking for monthly payments to fit a specific monthly budget. At Gofor Finance we have a range of Pre-Registered offers at exclusive market rates including vehicles like the Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport, so why not check out our Real Fleet prices here.

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